Simon the snowman

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Today was a snow day! No school, and the snow just kept falling. It wasn’t too cold out, the sun was out from time to time, and we got 6-8 inches of snow (I didn’t measure, that’s just from the news). The girls had lots of fun outside in the snow sledding, throwing snowballs, and more. Molly spent most of the day at the twins house, while their little sister Madison spent much of the day at our house with Leah. This afternoon, they decided to build a snowman in the back yard.

After a while, they asked me to give them a hand. This giant snowball was for the snowman’s middle section. It took both of them to carry it over to the base but they couldn’t lift it on top. I helped them lift it on to the base before starting on the head.

Big snowball

Here’s the snowman in progress. This was the best snow for snowman building I think we’ve ever had - very heavy and sticky.

Snowman building

The girls did the face and arms. I tied the tie.

Adding a face

Here are their snowman. As Leah and I finished the big one, Madison decided it needed a small companion. So the big snowman (named Simon by Leah) got a baby.

Final product

Star Wars talent

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Molly played her viola for the school talent show again. She decided to embrace her love of Star Wars this time around, which the crowd loved. Thanks to Margaret (her private instructor and also our Children's Minister at church) for accompanying her and having fun with it.

Babysitting Charlie

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Aunt EA went with Jen to Bingo when Uncle Scott was out of town, so Molly, Leah, and I babysat Charlie at our house. It went great, and I took lots of pictures. Here are a bunch of them.


This almost-middle-schooler had fun with the toddler toys we got out for Charlie.

Toddler toys

Doctor Leah needs to hear your heart, Charlie.


I don’t know what evil doctor Leah is injecting into Charlie.

Evil shot

These old matchbox cars captivated Charlie for much of his visit. Leah did a great job playing with him. Molly… nice face.

Car play

I’m taking a picture from one side, while Molly takes a picture from the other.

Pictures from both sides

Charlie enjoyed watching Molly play a game on her phone.

Watching a phone

Molly decided she could entertain Charlie with some viola music. He paid attention to her for a few seconds, then went back to the cars.

Viola entertainment

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Ice skating

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The girls were invited to an ice skating birthday party, and had a great time. It was during free skate at the rink nearby, which we get into free as part of our Columbia Association gym/tennis membership. So, I decided to go as well since we don’t go ice skating that much. A fun time was had by all.

Ice skating

Time Travel Day

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The girls had a Time Travel Day at school, and decided to go with 80s looks again (they seem to love 80s looks).

Time Travel Day

Drop Everything and Move!

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This month, the girls’ school has encouraged the kids to be more active with a “Movement Calendar” of daily activities. If completed, the kids get a little prize. So, we’ve had daily activities (often, but not always, exercises). Every Wednesday is family fitness day, Jen and I join in as well then. Here’s Leah showing off some mountain climbers.


Bumble Bee

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Leah again participated in the Bumble Bee spelling bee at school. Again, it was intense. Dozens of second graders spelling words out loud in front of a large crowd of adults. One mistake and you’re eliminated. There’s some serious pressure.

Bumble Bee

Leah was fortunate to randomly end up sitting next to friends (both sides and behind her). They clearly didn’t let the pressure get to them as they waited for the start.


Approaching the microphone

Leah made it through her first 3 words, but got unlucky on the fourth word and was eliminated earlier than she expected. I must say I was so proud of how she handled it. Many of the kids ended up in tears (understandably), but Leah handled disappointment with strength. She was even comforting others who didn’t handle it as well and congratulating those who succeeded.

Out, but cool

Celebrating Aunt EA

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We had to postpone our initial plan to celebrate Aunt EA’s birthday with her as Charlie had a fever. A week late, we joined for presents and treats at Grams’s house.

Late birthday celebration

My dessert

Charlie’s a lucky guy. His mom shared her birthday dessert with him.

A taste

Looks like he wants some of Molly’s dessert as well.

Some more


Happy birthday Aunt EA!

Tree needles

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Our Norway Spruce tree looked great, but it was horrible when it came to needle retention. This is what the floor looked like after we finished taking the lights off. Yes, all those needles fell from undecorating the tree. We even undecorated early because we didn’t want it to get any worse.

Tree needles

New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is a big day in our family, with it being Grampa and Aunt EA’s birthdays in addition to the holiday. We had celebrated with Grampa early (and we celebrated late with Aunt EA), so on that day birthday greetings were given electronically. The girls made this video for Aunt EA.

They talked to Grampa via FaceTime. Between Leah’s Sorting Hat and Molly’s one-piece owl pajamas, these girls have quite the outfits to wish Grampa happy birthday.

FaceTime characters

The girls requested to stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve this year for the first time, and we finally agreed. We just stayed home, played games, and watched the ball drop on TV, but they enjoyed it. And they had no trouble staying up (no surprise).

New Year's Eve