Vacation Bible School singing

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The girls attended G-Force Vacation Bible School this week and had a blast learning how to put “God’s love in action!” Jen again taught Leah’s class, but this might be Jen’s last year teaching preschool as next year both girls will be with the elementary kids.

After a fun week, they joined some of their fellow attendees on Sunday to show the congregation a couple of their songs.


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Leah, something appears to be missing from your smile. Oh, is that your first lost tooth?

Lost tooth

Leah's tooth has been loose for months and she finally pulled it out Friday. She was wiggling it before we left for the pool, and I could tell it was so close, so I encouraged her just to pull it out. I had to look away though. I couldn't watch the twisting. She is very proud of her accomplishment!

The permanent tooth replacing her lost tooth is already well on its way (as is the one next to it).


Mommy Sewing Lessons, Week 3

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For Week 3 of Mommy Sewing Lessons, I worked with the girls to sew pillowcases. I pre-cut the fabric, so first was the introduction to pinning.

First sewing project

Leah was very diligent in her pinning.

Lots in pins

Molly was quick to sew the top contrasting band of her pillowcase.

Contrasting band

Leah was very focused on her sewing, even taking time to practice removing the pins. I needed to help guide her sewing a bit more than big sister though.

Very focused

We used the “hot dog” method of sewing a pillowcase, which involves rolling the main fabric inside the contrasting band. The fabrics are then pulled right side out.

Hot Dog method

This method is a fun trick to enclose raw edges of the fabric. Leah had fun pulling her main fabric through the "hot dog bun."

Fun sewing method

Molly was so excited to make her pillowcase that even pinning more fabric was fun!

Next step, more pins

The floor was the perfect workspace for Leah to pin her pillowcase sides together.

Floor workspace

After I serged the inside edges to prevent fraying, the last step was to top stitch the contrasting band. Both girls have slightly wonky lines, but they did great!

Last step

Molly and Leah were so proud of their first project. After proudly showing Chad, Molly ran to her room to switch the pillowcase on her pillow!

New pillowcases

Fireworks fun

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After hanging out with my family for the afternoon, we headed to a field at UMBC to watch the Catonsville fireworks, as we have done in years past. We got there an hour early, so the kids (and one dad) had some fun while we waited for dark.

Fireworks gathering

As you can see, the girls were amazed by the fireworks. This red one was particularly astounding.

Amazing fireworks

We look a bit clearer when the fireworks illuminating us are white.

White one

Here are some obligatory shots of the fireworks. That dark shape on the bottom left is Molly’s head.


The girls’ favorite fireworks were the flowers, as seen at the top here. They didn’t last long when they went off, but they were very cool.


And a few more for good measure.




Celebrations galore

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We gathered together with my family on the 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day, and some birthdays. First up - Aunt Caroline. She seems pleased with her new shirt. Yes, that’s the Magic School Bus full of kids headed to Hogwarts. And, yes, I got one for myself as well.

Happy birthday Aunt Caroline

We also celebrated Grams’s birthday. Aunt EA and Uncle Scott delighted all when their musical card led to an impromptu dance party.

Happy birthday Grams

After opening presents and eating way too much, we played cards (Texas Rummy) with my family. Molly got to play her own hand (with some help from Uncle Scott). And she won. She was so excited.

Winner winner chicken dinner

Lego camp

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Last week, the girls attended a Frozen-themed Lego camp at Snapology. When I went to pick them up on the last day, they wanted to show me what they had built that day. They were celebrating Anna’s birthday and had built lots of birthday stuff for it. Oh, and please don’t try to infer Batgirl’s secret identity from this picture. She might get mad at me if I gave it away.

Lego camp

Mommy Sewing Lessons, Week 2

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In Week 2 of Mommy Sewing Lessons, we reviewed cutting techniques and I introduced sewing on fabric. I gave them each two pieces of scrap fabric and let them cut and be creative. (Note also that a smaller, pink sewing machine arrived for the girls!)

Finally sewing on fabric

Now that there are two sewing machine, Molly and Leah can work simultaneously.

Sewing simultaneously

Leah was proud of her sewn rectangles.

She made something

Molly made hats for herself, Molly doll, and Coconut. She even created “Made by Molly Sellers” tags, just like Mommy.

Hats for all

Showering Aunt Caroline

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Chad's youngest sister is getting married in August. So, the girls and I celebrated with Aunt Caroline at her bridal shower last weekend. Here's a lovely photo of the bride and her flower girls.

A bride and her flower girls

Like aunt, like nieces. Beautiful girls, just beautiful.

Like Aunt, like Nieces

Mommy Sewing Lessons, Week 1

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The girls expressed interest learning to sew this summer. So, I have started “Mommy Sewing Lessons” with them. I created a seven week lesson plan, gathering ideas and printables from several blogs. Since the girls' new machine was still on the way, our first lesson was with my Bernina.

Mommy Sewing Lessons

To introduce the basics of the sewing machine, we started with sewing straight lines on paper.

Sewing on paper

Molly is doing a great job of keeping her eyes on her project.

Eyes on the machine

After the girls mastered the straight lines, they moved on to practicing turning corners and angles.

Corners and angles

The finale of their first lesson was completing a Connect the Dots, sewing version!

Connect the Dots

They then requested more Connect the Dots to practice with. Looks like they've caught the sewing bug!

School’s out for summer

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It’s been almost 10 months since Molly headed off for her first day of second grade, and the end has finally come. School ran until June 19th this year, which seemed late though it was actually one day earlier than last year. Molly loved the school year, but she was definitely ready for summer vacation.

Here’s Molly ready to head off for her last day of school (in the new dress Mommy made her, of course).

Last day of school

For good measure, here’s a flashback to the first day of school this year.

First day of second grade

As usual, we took a picture of a bunch of the neighborhood kids on the walk home from school.

Neighborhood kids

Hooray for summer vacation!