Recital time

It’s dance recital time again, and this year it’s much more serious for Molly. She was in three different numbers - one ballet, one tap, and one jazz.

Dance recital

Molly’s jazz dance was to I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair from South Pacific. So, they had big tubs for doing just that.

Washing her hair

The wave

Next up was Leah dancing ballet to Thank Heaven for Little Girls. At the rehearsal, she wasn't willing to do this cute pose, but she was perfect at the recital itself.

Little girls

Turn your partner

The slanted eyes really complete her closing pose.

Nice pose

Molly’s first performance in Act 2 was her tap routine to King of New York from Newsies.



With props

Final pose

There were 3 performances after Molly's tap routine to change from her Newsies outfit into her ballet clothes and hair. I believe that's the first time she's had a quick change in a show.


Her ballet routine was to I Feel Pretty from West Side Story.

I Feel Pretty

Nice form

After a closing pose, Molly's ballet group danced to a bit of Show Off from The Drowsy Chaperone. Molly's good at the wave with attitude.


As they hurried off stage, Molly smiled and waved to her adoring fans.


And of course closing bows would be incomplete without blowing a kiss.


The girls had lots of family there to see them perform, and they all wanted a picture with them after the show. First, I tried to get a picture of Leah with Aunt Caroline. Grams photobombed it. Well done, Mom.


I guess if you get caught photobombing, the only thing to do is start eating people like a zombie.

Eating Leah

Molly, Caroline, Grams

Leah and Grams

We first met Scott (now Uncle Scott) two years ago at the girls recital. Nice to have him and Aunt EA back in the audience after a busy summer last year.

With Aunt EA and Uncle Scott

Here are the four of us. Note that when Molly poses for a picture, she usually does this. She's happy to face the camera, but must look as far away as possible. It usually takes a bit of trickery to get her to look at the camera. She says she does not know why. I usually don't post pics like this, but today you get some reality.

Four of us

With all these adoring fans, the girls got quite a few flowers. They loved it.

A few flowers

We're very proud of our little dancers.


  1. Becca says:

    So cute! Molly’s group (or teacher) was really into the Show Tunes!

  2. c-had says:

    Yeah, the recital was titled “Broadway Bound” and all the numbers followed that theme.

  3. Grammy says:

    I love this video! Molly, you were in so many dances, and all were great! I love the show tunes so much! You are really a fine dancer, and so pretty!

    Leah, I enjoyed your dances also. You are doing so well, and I really like your costumes.

    Which classes will you girls be taking next season? Be sure to get your Dad to send meall the videos!

    I Love You Both,

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