Summer is for swimming

Both girls took swimming lessons for a week. Unlike her older sister, Leah's got no problems with the pool. She loved her swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons

Smiley swimmer

The teacher's got to be a good swimmer to swim with 3 preschoolers on her. The other girl in her class was scared and crying, but Leah was having a great time.

Cruising along

Molly did OK in her lessons, but is still scared of putting her face in the water. She does great as long as she doesn't have to go under, but absolutely refuses to put her face in. So, after making no real progress in the lessons, we've enrolled her in lessons at MarTar Swim School since they specialize in helping kids with water anxiety issues. We'll see how helpful they can be.

Molly swimming

Even though Molly is hesitant in the water, she still loves to go to the pool. She's been dying to go to our new neighborhood pool. So, finally last week we made it one afternoon. Leah's brave swimming needs to rub off on her big sister! Click here to see a video of Leah swimming.


  1. emk says:

    Have you tried getting Molly fitted for goggles at a swim store? You might have already done that but, just in case you haven’t, I wondered if that might help. I bought some Speedo goggles at TJMaxx on the cheap for B because you know how much I like bargains, and he still didn’t want to wear them/go under. We finally went to a swim shop where they tried a bunch of different ones until they found the perfect fit…and they only ended up being something like $10 which was way less than I feared. He’s had no probs wearing them and going under since.

    This info is probably not even remotely new to you but I thought I’d pass it along just in case. The pic above is what made me think of it since her eyes look pretty squished in those pink goggles.

  2. G'mom says:

    I hope Molly’s lessons continue to go well. She and Leah will have fun in the water this summer, I’m sure! Lovya!

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