All her {pink} eggs in one basket

On Good Friday, I took the girls to an Easter Egg Hunt organized by my MOMS Club. Leah was one of the oldest of the youngest group, so she ran full on in search of all the pink eggs.

On the hunt

Leah loved filling up her basket. She eventually had so many eggs that she started collecting eggs to give to the younger toddlers and babies.

A basket full

The egg hunt for the older kids was a bit more challenging with eggs hidden in bushes and wedged in tight spots.

Hidden eggs

The girls were joined by some of their best playgroup buddies.

Friends make it more fun

After the hunting was complete, the candy counting began. Leah and Molly brought home 40 pieces of candy each! They'll be eating Easter candy until Leah's birthday!

Counting the candy

Molly, Keira and Maya were happy to pose next to the Easter Bunny. Leah is still unwilling to get near large, costumed figures.

Hanging with the Easter Bunny

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