We’re moving

When we moved to Maryland, we said we'd reevaluate whether to stay in 5 years. Almost 10 years and 2 kids later, we're still here and we've now outgrown our little home. So, since January, we've spent countless hours working on the house in order to put it on the market. We achieved our self-imposed deadline of April 1st and our house was listed on April 2nd.

After 7 days, 39 showings, 1 Open House, and 5 offers, we had a contract on our house. (Thank goodness we were in Birmingham celebrating JJ's 1st birthday for 4 of those crazy days.) We started really living in our house again, and then two days later, the contract fell through. :(

So, we started the showings again (now 49 total) and on Saturday we reviewed 5 offers again - the four we originally rejected plus a new one. After some negotiations, we are really, truly under contract. Hooray!

We have also put an offer on a new house, so hopefully we'll have some news on the buying front soon. :)

We're moving

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