Itty Bitty Beauty and the Beast

When we asked Molly what extracurricular activities she wanted to do this winter, she decided she wanted to try drama. So, we signed her up for a production of The Itty Bitty Beauty and the Beast at the Drama Learning Center. After 8 weeks of rehearsals, they put on two shows.

Itty Bitty Beauty and the Beast

The kids were in kindergarten through second grade, so Molly was one of the youngest ones of the group.

Nice curtsey, Molly

Molly played Stanley, one of the villagers who tends to hang around with Gaston. There weren't many boys who signed up for this, so they had a large number of girls playing boy roles. When practicing her lines, Molly always scowled and spoke with a silly, almost angry voice as that's what she thinks a boy talks like.


Nice singing, Molly.


Molly's part was small (which was good since she was younger and new to this), but she still had some lines all to herself - both spoken and sung.


The cast or most of them, at least.

The cast


  1. G'mom says:

    Molly, Love it, love it, love it! Great idea to be in these sessions!

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