Family game time

While in Savannah, we had a lot of family time that included playing a bunch of games. Aunt EA, Molly, and Leah (and many of the rest of us) got into Where's My Water?.


After the funeral, Uncle J, Aunt 'Chelle, and Emmie were happy to entertain Molly and Leah with a fun game of What's in the Cat's Hat?

What's in the Cat's Hat?

Grandaddy imparted some wisdom to Leah, of course.


But he didn't just teach the little ones, he learned from them too. Here's Molly showing him how to play Cut the Rope on her iPhone. (The huge black eye is courtesy of tripping and falling at 3am the night before the funeral, requiring a trip to the ER and 17 stitches around his eye!)

The young teaching the old

Another fun game was "Let's wear Aunt EA's shoes." Leah was surprisingly good at walking in them - so good in fact that Chad had trouble taking her picture before she had sped across the room to him.


Of course, Molly couldn't let Leah have all the fun, so she grabbed another pair of Aunt EA's heels. Apparently, wearing heels causes kids to make ridiculous looking smiles.

Molly too

Not a game, but something else Leah loves…Scott! We've been telling her that when he and Aunt EA get married in August, he'll become Uncle Scott, but she got confused at some point and started saying he'd be her Ankle Scott. Very cute. Sadly, Molly is too pedantic to let that slide, so she quickly taught Leah how to say it properly.

Ankle Scott

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