Bahamian boutique crafts

As I mentioned in this post, Chad and I visited Bahama Hand Prints while in Nassau. I decided to purchase three yards of "Dancing Hibiscus" cotton-poplin fabric.

Dancing Hibiscus

I came home and immediately started searching for a dress pattern to use. Being inspired by the dresses I saw in the boutique, I bought the Lillian dress by Children's Corner. It had the same a-line shape with little bows at the side seams.

Bahamian boutique dresses

If you look closely, you can see the extra detail of the covered buttons down the back. Chad mentioned that this added more character than the boutique dresses. I love when he appreciates my craftsmanship!

Buttons down the back

Shortly after getting married, Chad and I decided that we would try to take a trip for our anniversary instead of giving gifts. We always pick up an ornament as a keepsake. So, in addition to the dresses, I made a Christmas ornament for us. I used this tutorial for the fabric ornament.

Anniversary ornament

The dresses and ornament took less yardage than I thought and after I finished them, Chad looked at my sewing table and said, "It doesn't even look liked you've used any!" My response, "Believe me, I will use every inch of this fabric!"

So, to thank my parents for coming to stay with the girls, I made them a few gifts too. For my mom, I made a Multipocket Tote from this Martha Stewart book. Mom always has lots of things in tow, so a tote with multiple pockets is perfect for her.

Multipocket tote

For my dad, I made a tie with this Puking Pastilles tutorial. I've never hand-sewn that much before, and ow, my fingers were about to fall off! I made Chad try it on to make sure it actually fit before gifting it. When Dad received it, he said it certainly would be a conversation starter!

Dancing Hibiscus tie

My last project was to make the girls Oliver + S bucket hats. They love them and walk around calling them their "Bahama hats."

Leah's "Hama" hat

The hats are reversible, so I added a pop of color using Moda's Hoopla Cherries in Yellow. The girls insisted on showing everyone who came over (or Skyped with them) this weekend.

A pop of color

A cute pair of hats…and girls

I still have roughly a fat quarter of fabric left, but no current projects lined up. But don't worry, I'm still brainstorming on how to use up every last scrap!


  1. emkenton says:

    You are amazing! I keep telling S to leave me some room in our basement “in case I ever have time/energy to get crafty like Jen!” Love ALL the Bahamian treasures!

  2. jen says:

    Thanks Em! Now that you have a Silhouette, I expect to see some craftiness showing up on your blog. 🙂

  3. emkenton says:

    Yeah, well— it’s still in the box she gave me. Gotta figure out where to put a desk. Oh, and buy a desk. Sigh.