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We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Chistmas pictures at church

Sweet sisters

The four of us

Another little ballerina

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While the performances may be over, there's still a lot of The Nutcracker in our house. The girls frequently want to listen to the soundtrack and dance (usually the Waltz of the Flowers). Here's Leah being a little ballerina. Note the tutu, the medal around her neck, the headband across her eyes (which makes her a superhero, of course), the wand in her hand (because she's a fairy), and the lifted left leg.


Not to be outdone by her little sister, Molly insisted that Chad get a picture of her dancing as well.

Not to be outdone

Nutcracker Finale

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Molly's last Nutcracker performance was in the Great Room in Historic Savage Mill. It was a much fancier venue than the first 6, as it is typically used for weddings and receptions. Molly's ready to go for the Children's March with her two compadres.

Last Nutcracker performance

Children's March dancing

Around we go

Promenade two by two.


One smiley mouse ready for the battle between the Nutcracker and the Mouse Queen.

Smiley mouse

One small victory…

Showing muscles

followed by a bit of rest...

Resting a bit

and a different mode of transportation.

A different mode of transportation

Molly smiles so much during her performances. She really enjoys it.

3 mice in a row

It was another great show,

The end

followed by flowers for all the ballerinas. Molly was thrilled!

Flowers for the ballerina

Visitor’s Day at ballet

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Molly kept up her regular ballet class in addition to her Nutcracker rehearsals and performances. The last class before Christmas was Visitor's Day, so Grams, Pop, Aunt EA, and Aunt Caroline joined Chad and I to see what they did in a typical class. I believe this was their Superman stretch.

Visitors day at ballet

They definitely work on balance and posture. Here Molly is balancing a bean bag on her head while standing on one foot.


Molly loves ballet and has fun at every lesson.

Dance is fun

O, Christmas tree

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We made our way to Greenway Farms to get our Christmas tree this year. Molly is pointing to our pick and giving us a thumbs up. Leah is trying her best to give two thumbs up (so cute).

That one

This was a cut-your-own tree farm, so Chad cut the tree down before lugging it up toward our car.

Cut it down

After dinner, we worked on decorating the tree. Nice antlers, Molly!

Nice antlers!

While decorating the tree, we listened to the score from The Nutcracker. Leah had no interest in putting ornaments on the tree, but instead just wanted to dance with this nutcracker ornament. She loved it and was happy as a clam, other than getting annoyed that we kept interrupting her to ask if she wanted to put an ornament on the tree.

Dancing with the nutcracker

Chad acted as a ladder to prevent all the ornaments from ending up on the bottom of the tree.

Up high

Hanging another

Molly did great putting ornaments on the tree, but during certain scenes of the score from The Nutcracker, she had to take a break to dance with a nutcracker ornament like her little sister.

Dancing too

After everything else was done, Leah finally agreed to hang her nutcracker ornament on the tree. This was the only ornament she hung.

Finally on the tree

The tree, decorated and lit.

The tree

Fun on the ice

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We took the girls ice skating for the first time Monday afternoon at the Columbia Ice Rink. Leah was not a fan and only lasted a minute on the ice, but Molly had a great time.

First time ice skating

Molly and Chad skated around like this the entire time. They had little walkers for kids, but Molly wanted nothing to do with them. So, instead, Chad got a good workout of skating and holding up a kid as she wobbled and occasionally kicked one of his feet out from under him.

Skating with Daddy

Most of the time, Molly wanted to go "a little fast," which meant a good pace but not as fast as the real skaters were going. She loved it, and kept pushing Chad to speed up every time he slowed a bit.

A little fast

More Nutcracker photos

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Here's Molly at Nutcracker performance number 4, dancing in the Children's March.

More Nutcracker

The mice may not win the battle with the soldiers, but Molly did have a small victory along the way.

Temporary victory

Molly's shaking her tail during the closing bows.

Mouse tail

Three little mice.

Three little mice

Huddle up, mice.

Huddle up, mice

Here are the girls in their Children's March costumes with their dolls from the show.

Girls and dolls

There are still two more performances to go. Check out the schedule if you are interested.

Gingerbread houses

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We couldn't make the annual Gingerbread House Party this year, but we were the lucky recipients of a "take home party" instead. The girls had a great time decorating their gingerbread houses. And yes, that's icing on Molly's nose.

Gingerbread houses

Carefully placing icing on the perfect spot!

Right… there

The finished houses. Molly did hers pretty much entirely on her own. Leah had a bit of assistance.

Finished houses

First Nutcracker performance

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Download: Normal Quality | HD Quality

Here's Molly dancing in the Nutcracker for the first time. I highly recommend watching it in HD (by clicking Switch to HD above), as she's a small person on a big stage that is hard to see in SD. Also, note that this is 10 minutes long, so it'll take a while to download on a slow Internet connection.

A star in the making

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We got back from Gatlinburg with only a couple hours to spare before Molly headed off to her first performance of the Nutcracker with the Columbia Chamber Ballet. Here she is in her costume for the Children's March (along with her makeup artist and littlest fan).

Just before the show

Dancing in the Children's March.

Children's March

Molly's other scene is the Battle scene, in which she is one of the little mice.

The mice

Our little mouse

Leah loved the performance (when Molly was on stage and when she wasn't). She was glued to it, and occasionally hopped out of her chair to mimic the dancers on stage.

Soon enough

Aunt EA was nice enough to hang with Leah during the performance while Chad was in back filming. Leah did occasionally take a break from watching the dancers to wave to Molly on the sidelines.

Hi, Molly

Hooray for the first performance!


Molly is a mouse

One down, six more to go! If you'd like to see Molly perform, here is her schedule. I know she'd love to see you! And if you can't make one, check out the video of her first Nutcracker performance.