O, Christmas tree

We made our way to Greenway Farms to get our Christmas tree this year. Molly is pointing to our pick and giving us a thumbs up. Leah is trying her best to give two thumbs up (so cute).

That one

This was a cut-your-own tree farm, so Chad cut the tree down before lugging it up toward our car.

Cut it down

After dinner, we worked on decorating the tree. Nice antlers, Molly!

Nice antlers!

While decorating the tree, we listened to the score from The Nutcracker. Leah had no interest in putting ornaments on the tree, but instead just wanted to dance with this nutcracker ornament. She loved it and was happy as a clam, other than getting annoyed that we kept interrupting her to ask if she wanted to put an ornament on the tree.

Dancing with the nutcracker

Chad acted as a ladder to prevent all the ornaments from ending up on the bottom of the tree.

Up high

Hanging another

Molly did great putting ornaments on the tree, but during certain scenes of the score from The Nutcracker, she had to take a break to dance with a nutcracker ornament like her little sister.

Dancing too

After everything else was done, Leah finally agreed to hang her nutcracker ornament on the tree. This was the only ornament she hung.

Finally on the tree

The tree, decorated and lit.

The tree


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