Nutcracker Finale

Molly's last Nutcracker performance was in the Great Room in Historic Savage Mill. It was a much fancier venue than the first 6, as it is typically used for weddings and receptions. Molly's ready to go for the Children's March with her two compadres.

Last Nutcracker performance

Children's March dancing

Around we go

Promenade two by two.


One smiley mouse ready for the battle between the Nutcracker and the Mouse Queen.

Smiley mouse

One small victory…

Showing muscles

followed by a bit of rest...

Resting a bit

and a different mode of transportation.

A different mode of transportation

Molly smiles so much during her performances. She really enjoys it.

3 mice in a row

It was another great show,

The end

followed by flowers for all the ballerinas. Molly was thrilled!

Flowers for the ballerina

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  1. Emkenton says:

    Was this Monday night, by chance? I happened to stop by Savage Mill that eve to do a quick walk-thru and saw the sign that the Nutcracker was underway! So glad Molly enjoyed performing!

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