Savannah, part I

We flew down to Savannah to see extended family. We stayed at Chad's grandad's house, as usual. Here's his backyard.


Here's a look through the trees down the bluff.

Down the bluff

This hammock has magical powers. It can make even a 3-year-old relax.

Major relaxing

The hammock can also be exciting when you get someone to push you this high.

Less relaxing

Grandaddy's got a little scooter for going longer distances, and Molly loved riding on it.

Scooter ride

Betty sang to Leah for quite a while, and Leah stared at her the entire time.

Singing Betty

And she made sure to get the grown-ups making silly faces with her.

Faces with Grams

Stay tuned for more adventures from our trip.

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  1. Melanie says:

    It looks beautiful there!!!

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