Caroline’s party

Friday night we celebrated Caroline's graduation/18th birthday with a very large party (mostly teenagers, only a few of us old fogies).

We spent much of our time on the back porch, where Chad and I got a break as Molly was entertained by Aunt EA and lots of jumping.

Molly was happy to see Aunt Caroline, but she of course didn't stop eating cake. Nothing's better than cake.

Molly made sure that she was at the center of attention, and the circle, as much as possible.

Another fun activity was to run around the house with Aunt EA.


  1. g'mom says:

    Love the pictures – really a fun party for everyone! Precious outfit on Molly!

  2. […] although Molly has already modeled her shirt at Aunt Caroline’s party, here’s a close-up of her ribbon […]

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