3rd Annual Field Day

Today our Young Adult group held its 3rd Annual Field Day. It's all about reliving games from your elementary days. This year's game lineup included: dizzy bat layup, tricycle races, egg spoon relay, three legged race, sack race, toilet seat horseshoes, water balloon launch, jumbo golf, tug o war, and tiki thunder hockey.

Here's Eric kicking off the dizzy bat layup relay.

Pete shows us how to ride the tricycle.

Don't drop that egg, Amy!

Apparently, the most efficient way to transfer the potato sack to the next person in the relay was for the person finishing their leg to dive on the ground and the next person to pull the sack off their legs.

Surprisingly, tricycles can be used by toddlers as well as adults. Molly and Owen had a great time on them.

Yes, we had an event where we tossed toilet seats at a stake in the ground, similar to horseshoes. Gabe had very good form.

Here's Susan about to launch the water balloon for Andrew to catch.

Owen is ready to help his dad with his giant golf chip shot.

And finally, here's the whole gang.


  1. g'mom says:

    How fun! We remember the first field day too with Batson participants! The games have been “enhanced” this year!

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