Ice skating

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The girls were invited to an ice skating birthday party, and had a great time. It was during free skate at the rink nearby, which we get into free as part of our Columbia Association gym/tennis membership. So, I decided to go as well since we don’t go ice skating that much. A fun time was had by all.

Ice skating

Celebrating Aunt EA

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We had to postpone our initial plan to celebrate Aunt EA’s birthday with her as Charlie had a fever. A week late, we joined for presents and treats at Grams’s house.

Late birthday celebration

My dessert

Charlie’s a lucky guy. His mom shared her birthday dessert with him.

A taste

Looks like he wants some of Molly’s dessert as well.

Some more


Happy birthday Aunt EA!

New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is a big day in our family, with it being Grampa and Aunt EA’s birthdays in addition to the holiday. We had celebrated with Grampa early (and we celebrated late with Aunt EA), so on that day birthday greetings were given electronically. The girls made this video for Aunt EA.

They talked to Grampa via FaceTime. Between Leah’s Sorting Hat and Molly’s one-piece owl pajamas, these girls have quite the outfits to wish Grampa happy birthday.

FaceTime characters

The girls requested to stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve this year for the first time, and we finally agreed. We just stayed home, played games, and watched the ball drop on TV, but they enjoyed it. And they had no trouble staying up (no surprise).

New Year's Eve

Happy birthday Grampa

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We celebrated Grampa’s birthday with him a bit early while he was in town. Happy birthday Grampa!

Happy birthday Grampa

Christmas day

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Christmas morning arrived with stockings and presents.

Loaded stockings


This Harry Potter fan was excited to get a Sorting Hat.

Sorting Hat

Grampa donned the Sorting Hat as well. He looks happy with his placement (Hufflepuff, I’d guess).


Molly got 5 supplimentary Harry Potter books.

Harry Potter books

The girls loved their new unicorn slippers that Jen found for them. Combined with their new pajamas and new earmuffs (and Santa hat for Molly), they’re very cozy.


The girls both love unicorns, so they were excited to get these fun unicorn earrings. Leah’s are extra special, as they are her first pair of dangly earrings (which she’s been wanting for some time).

Unicorn earrings

Jen made these fun Grandparent shirts for G’Mom and Grampa.

Grandparent shirts

And G’Mom always loves her calendar.


We then headed to Grams’s house for breakfast and more presents.




Molly was most excited about getting a Hatchimal. Actually, she got two, as the giant egg hatched with twin giravens (cross between a giraffe and a raven).


Leah was most excited about getting this Hermione plush (she got Harry and Ron as well).

Leah and Hermione


A new book



After presents, we had a delicious Christmas dinner (with Christmas crackers) and enjoyed each others’ company. Later in the afternoon, things got exciting for Molly. The Hatchimal started to hatch!



They’re both out and ready to be raised.


Christmas Eve continues

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Christmas Eve continued back at Grams’s house. These 3 cousins relaxed a bit and watched a small screen.

Cousin watching

There were traditional Christmas Eve presents, including books and pajamas.

Christmas Eve presents

Christmas Eve presents

As she does every year, Jen made the girls Christmas Eve pajamas, as well as complimentary pajamas for their dolls.

Christmas Eve Jammies

Christmas pajamas

Cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

Santa treats

Santa treats

Then off to bed for a long winter’s nap.

Holiday visitors

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Time to catch up on what’s been happening with us (as I have failed to post things for a month and a half). So, pretend it’s just before Christmas for the next few days.

This Christmas, G’Mom and Grampa came to visit. This involved a lot of Christmas activity (some of which will get their own posts) as well as fun around the house.

Leah was happy to show off her checkers skills to G’Mom.

Visiting checkers master

The girls also decorated a gingerbread house.

Gingerbread house

Stay back


Finished product

Grammy came in town as well, and even came to our house for dinner the first night.

Grammy too

With G’Mom and Grampa visiting, we had to play Telestrations. As always, hilarity ensued.




Christmas tree

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As usual, we headed to Greenway Farms to cut down our Christmas tree. We’re very busy, and really only had one day that was convenient to get a tree. That day turned out to be cold and snowing, but we didn’t let that stop us. We quickly found a great tree. It’s a Norway Spruce (a first for us).

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Christmas tree photobomb

Christmas tree photobomb 2

After finding our tree, we got a picture of all four of us amongst the beautiful snow covered trees.

Snow covered trees

The next day, it was time to decorate our lovely tree. After our trip to Harry Potter world at Universal this summer, the girls wanted the first ornament on our tree to be Harry himself.

First ornament

Molly is a goober.


Decorating with attitude

This year Leah got to put the angel on top. She was a bit scared to go this high on the ladder at first, but she overcame her fear and accomplished her task.

Angel on top

Here’s our fully decorated tree complete with presents.

Christmas tree

Another cousin

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My sister (Aunt EA) is expecting her second child. Leah and Molly are excited to get a fourth first cousin.

New baby

Aunt EA and Uncle Scott had a gender reveal cake so we could all find out together whether we were getting a new nephew or niece.

Gender reveal cake

Will it be a boy or a girl? You have to watch to find out.

In case you couldn’t tell, I went overboard taking video of the gender reveal (3 cameras plus an extra microphone). I quickly set to work editing the video together. I even got a couple of smaller helpers in my work.

Video processing

We’re all excited to keep growing the family!

Charlie’s second birthday

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Hard to believe it, but Charlie is now 2. His party was lots of fun.

Happy birthday Charlie

These cousins had lots of fun playing together.


There were lots of presents. Charlie loves trains, and Thomas was an especially big hit.




Pawnee (their giant Great Dane/German Shepherd mix) and I shared a touching moment.

Touching moment

The cake was a delicious Elmo cake.

Elmo cake

Charlie loved the cake, though he (like his mother) is not very fond of the icing.

Eating cake

Happy birthday, Charlie!