Leah’s 13th birthday party

Leah's party was supposed to be the weekend after her birthday in September, but she turned up Covid positive the day before. So, we celebrated on her 13 plus 1 month birthday instead.

Finally party day

For this birthday, Leah requested a painting party. Jen found online tutorials and allowed Leah's friends to pick the artwork they each wanted to create.

Painting party

Painting and drying

Molly was just as excited as Leah about the painting party. Molly has been taking Art electives in school for many years.

Sisters love painting too

The Step by Step Painting tutorials had great instructions and pictures to follow.

Technology and Art

Ice Cream Love

Tiny mushroom house

Starry Night interpretation

Pink Pig Painting

Serious concentration

A little face painting too

Adding all the details

After a couple hours, we took a break for some cake.

There were gifts.

Gifts from friends

Gifts from friends

Gifts from friends

Our artists were loving their painting time so much that we extended the party another 30 minutes. A group photo (minus 1) of the finished artwork.

Finished paintings

Here are Leah and Molly's final paintings.

Leah s painting

Molly s painting

Happy birthday Leah!

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