Iceland Day 7 Part 1

Day 7 was a super full day, starting with a 6am wakeup and ending with us getting to the apartment to eat dinner after 11pm. It was so full, that I'll split it into 2 posts.

Our early wakeup was due to having tickets to the Blue Lagoon at 8am when they open. It can get crowded, but getting there can avoid those crowds.

The Blue Lagoon is a natural hot spring with milky blue water. It was neat, and very warm.

Entering Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The water gets its appearance from silica found in the spring. That same silica forms a paste that the Blue Lagoon offers as a mask. Only Leah and Jen partook in the mask wearing.


The water was very warm, ranging from 97 degrees in the cooler parts to 104 degrees in the warmer parts. Molly ventured into the deep, hotter part of the pool (around 104).

Blue Lagoon silhouette

It was a fun experience. It felt more like a luxury spa than a natural wonder (even though it is a natural wonder), which was a nice break before our more extreme afternoon activity - an active volcano.

Table of contents for the whole trip

  1. Day 1 - Reykjavik and Lava tunnel
  2. Day 2 - Golden Circle
  3. Day 3 - Vestmannaeyjar
  4. Day 4 Part 1 - Ice Cave
  5. Day 4 Part 2 - Black sand beach, puffins, and waterfalls
  6. Day 5 - Glacier hike
  7. Day 6 - Glacier Lagoon
  8. Day 7 Part 1 - Blue Lagoon
  9. Day 7 Part 2 - An active volcano

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