Mom, Wife, Craftaholic

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That should be my title! Here are some of my latest projects.

The theme for my MOMS Club End of the Year Banquet was "If you give a Mom an M..." based of these books by Laura Numeroff. We had door prizes of movie tickets and a manicure gift certificate. I made these marshmallow pops as the party favor. They were a big hit!

Marshmallow pops

Molly saw me dipping the marshmallows in chocolate and asked if she could dip her pretzels in it too. Good idea, Molly (and a great way to use up the rest of the chocolate)!

Chocolate pretzels

My dad always has a book with him, so I made him these scrap fabric bookmarks for Father's Day.

Bookmarks for Grampa

And I sent a few more pillowcases to ConKerr Cancer. I had received the wrong fabric in an order, so they let me keep it and suggested donating it. So, that's what I did.

ConKerr Cancer pillowcases

It’s craftastic!

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I've worked on several craft projects lately, but many were gifts that I needed to give before posting. So, here goes a craftastic photo bomb!

I made Grams a couple reusable travel lids for Mother's Day.

Reusable covers

This Minnie Mouse ribbon shirt was a birthday gift for Molly's friend, Sadie.

Minnie ribbon shirt

We have gotten so many solicitors lately. Between tree cutting services, home improvement services, and butchers (yes, you read that right!) all saying "We were in your area doing some work..." I had to try something! So far so good. Chad thought the sign should say, "No, you weren't just in the neighborhood!"

Knock knock

A reversible dress for our friends, Pete and Laura. They are expecting baby Claire in September.

For baby Claire

The reverse side

And lastly, Molly and I made button bookmarks for her preschool teachers - perfect for their summer reading!

Button bookmarks

Celebrating with family

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On Monday night, I made cupcakes for a combined early birthday/Mother's Day celebration for my sister and mom.

Birthday cupcakes

There was a yummy surprise inside these cupcakes - chocolate chip cookie dough! My BIL said they were possibly the best cupcakes he'd ever had!

A surprise inside

Michelle was excited to finally get some homemade vanilla extract after waiting months for it to ferment.

An exciting gift

And by special request, I made these kitchen owl towels for her birthday.

Kitchen owl towels

For my mom, I embroidered all the granddaughters' handprints as a Mother's Day gift.

Handprints for G'Mom

You can see a lot more pictures from our trip on Flickr starting here.

Birthday sisters

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I made another birthday dress for one of Molly's friends, Keira. As you might guess, she is also in the popular 4-year-old dress phase. It's been fun trying out so many different patterns. This one is New Look 6613.

Another birthday dress

Edit: Keira came over to play wearing the dress I made for her, so here's the birthday girl in her new dress.

A girl and her dress

I also created a cookie monster bow for Keira's little sister, Maya, for her 2nd birthday.

I <3 cookies

Twelfth Day of Christmas {crafts}

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I made homemade pure vanilla extract for my Mom, Mother-in-law and myself. Chad and I do not drink alcohol, so I got several funny looks when my family realized that I had to go to the liquor store and buy the vodka to make it!

If you are interested in making this too, I bought Madagascar vanilla beans and 8 ounce bottles from I made larger bottles than in the link above, so I used 4 beans per 8 ounces of Ketel One Vodka. The instructions on my tags were, "Use ½ amount called for in a recipe. Refill with Vodka as needed. Allow to ferment 6 weeks."

Homemade vanilla

And there you have it, folks. My "Twelve Days of Christmas {crafts}" is complete. If you missed any of them, here's the list again for your reading enjoyment!

Appliqued kitchen towels
Monogrammed clipboards
Reusable travel lids
Coffee cozy
Number bean bags
Felt bracelets
Buttercup bags
Superhero cape
Knitting needle roll
Ribbon tree shirts
Dignity robes

Second Day of Christmas {crafts}

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Molly loves her preschool and her teachers. So as part of the class gift baskets, I contributed these monogrammed clipboards.

Monogrammed clipboards

I was featured

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Aly at Polkanuts featured the bubble dresses I made. She was sweet to not only compliment my dresses and my adorable model, but also all the craft projects I've been doing with Molly. Go check it out!

Pipe cleaner flower rings

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As I walked around JoAnn's last week trying to figure out what to make for a little girl's 4th birthday, I remembered seeing these pipe cleaner flower rings on Martha Stewart. I thought, "What 4 year old girl wouldn't love having a few rings in her dress-up collection?!" As I was making them for the birthday girl, I decided to make one for each of the big kids in our playgroup too!

They were so easy to make and everybody loved them (OK, maybe not the boys, but their moms sure did!).

I'm linking up to Strut Your Stuff Thursday at Somewhat Simple so you can see other crafters newest creations.

Craft Hope

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Last week, I found Craft Hope. It's a faith-based organization that takes donations of handmade crafts to share with various charities. They have collected pillowcase dresses, dolls, baby blankets, sock monkeys, quilts, and their current project is The Red Scarf project. I am not a knitter, so I was sad that I couldn't help out immediately.

Well, now I found a way to help! In the wake of the earthquake in Haita, Craft Hope set up an Etsy store to raise funds for Doctors without Borders. 100% of the sale goes to the charity. There is no restriction on what you can donate, so I donated one of my Little One Originals onesies. If you are the crafty type and want to help out too, here's how to donate through Craft Hope, or you can go buy something handmade in their Etsy shop.

Memphis trip

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Last week, Molly and I ventured to Memphis for a visit with G'Mom, Grampa, Aunt 'Chelle, and Emmie. If you saw me in the airport, you would have thought I was a crazy woman - toddler in stroller, diaper bag, purse, carseat in carrying case, and hugely pregnant! We spent 4 days visiting and had lots of adventures.

First we painted plates at Paint a Piece using paint brushes, hands, and feet.

Then we went swimming in a neighbor's pool. Molly's favorite part was squirting Grampa with the water gun.

We started out our second full day with some blueberry picking at Nesbit Blueberry Plantation. Molly did a great job and found lots of good blueberries hidden on the underside of the bushes.

That evening, after eating some home-made blueberry ice cream, Mom, Michelle and I combined all of our craft talents and worked together to make a tag blanket for baby girl #2.

Any time Emmie was playing on the floor, Molly liked playing with her. I hope this is a sign of how great of a big sister she will be!

There are a lot more pictures from our trip. You can view them here.