Goodbye Betty

Yesterday, my step-grandmother, Betty, died. She was a lovely lady and a joy to have around. I have lots of great memories of her and Grandaddy. I thought maybe a trip down memory lane was in order, so here are a few of my favorite memories of her.

Grandaddy and Betty got married in 2004, a couple years after Jen and I did.

Cake cutting

Betty and Grandaddy came up to Maryland for Molly’s baptism. This was likely the first time she sang to one of my children, but certainly not the last. She loved to sing, especially to little babies. (Apologies to Caroline for including this picture :) )

Betty singing

And here’s a similar picture from 3 years later. Betty sang to Leah for quite a while, and Leah stared at her the entire time.

Singing Betty

Probably my favorite memory of her was from our family trip to Savannah in 2009. We were there for the 4th of July (as usual), which meant we celebrated my dad’s birthday there (July 2). We actually drove down that day, and Betty was great and made her highly regarded pound cake to celebrate.

Birthday cake

Unfortunately, she accidentally grabbed the green food coloring instead of the vanilla when making it, so it had an interesting color. Tasted great, though. We still talk about that green pound cake in our family to this day.

Green cake

Betty brought a lot of joy to Grandaddy's life, and for that I will forever be grateful.

Grandaddy and Betty

Grandaddy and Betty

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