Sellers family Christmas

We held our Sellers family Christmas celebration a week and a half early. Aunt EA and her family flew in from Texas, Grammy flew in from South Carolina, and we all joined together at Grams’s house.

The celebration began Friday night with the traditional cookie baking with the aunts event.

Cookie decorating

Cookie decorating

It may have been early, but we still did things like Christmas day. That even included the kids’ attire. Jen made matching Christmas pajamas for Molly, Leah, Charlie, and Max.

Cousin jammies

Charlie and Max

There were so many cookies to decorate, that the cookie decorating continued into the next day.

Cookie decorating continued

Cookie decorating

It was great to have everyone healthy and together in one place.

Sellers family Christmas

Of course our Christmas gathering included a giant circle of us all opening presents.


Max is so cool he wears sunglasses inside.


Grammy opening

Leah opening

Caroline opening

Grams opening



I think she likes it

Merry early Christmas!

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  1. Grammy says:

    It was so much fun!

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