Christmas Day

Christmas day was very calm this year. We got up at 7:30 and opened presents around the tree. We do not generally get our kids big expensive presents (though some of their other relatives might), but this year we changed it up. Leah’s wanted an iPad for some time, and the prices at Black Friday were very good. So, she now has her own iPad.

An iPad

Molly’s big gift was this refurbished MacBook Pro. She’s been using a very old laptop of mine, but it’s half-dead and struggling. In middle school she does a lot of her homework on her computer, so this was a tool more than a toy (though she plays on it a lot as well). She was very excited to get it.

New computer

Grams joined us at our house a bit later, and we ate and just hung out at home. It was quite lovely.

Christmas Day picture

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