Around Newport

After Six Flags one day, the US Open the next, and a busy day of tennis already, we decided we needed some more time on our feet. So, we took the girls on the Newport Cliff Walk, a long walk along the cliffs between huge mansions and Easton Bay.

Newport Cliff Walk

We took lots of breaks.


And saw lots of great views.

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk selfie

Cliff Walk selfie

Part way along the cliff walk, there was a way to walk out onto the rocks, which the girls were excited about.

Sitting on some rocks

Cliff rocks

While one side of the cliff walk looks out over the cliffs, the other side has lots of Gilded Age mansions. These places are huge and very cool to look at. Today, they mostly serve different purposes (museums, etc.). Seven of these estates were actually combined together to form Salve Regina University, which is what you see in the background of the picture here.

Gilded Age mansions

After about 1.5 miles, we decided we’d walked enough. None of us wanted to walk back, so we waited on the bus.

Tired of walking

After some dinner at a pizza joint (Nikolas Pizza, which was exactly what we wanted), we walked a little bit more for a sweet treat. Sticks and Cones has fresh made gelato, soft serve ice cream, fancy cones (Molly has a chocolate chip cookie cone), and waffles on a stick. It was great!

Sticks and Cones

While the girls may have been more modest in their treats, I went all out with a hot waffle ice cream sandwich. I also went for one of their more unique flavors - sweet corn gelato. They put this in between two fresh waffles, drizzled on some caramel sauce, sprinkled on some powdered sugar, and it was amazing.

Waffles and ice cream

We then finally walked back to our car and drove back to our hotel in Massachusetts, exhausted after a great day.

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