Ocean Isle Beach

Molly and I finished Baltimore Mission Camp Friday evening, then we all woke up early Saturday (coincidentally, Jen and my anniversary, July 27) to head to Ocean Isle Beach for a week. We met G’Mom, Grampa, Aunt ‘Chelle, Uncle J, Emmie, and JJ there and stayed in a condo just off the beach. We picked Ocean Isle, North Carolina because it was drivable for everyone (though G’Mom and Grampa ended up flying) and highly recommended by one of Jen’s friends. We were not disappointed - it’s a great beach. Maybe my favorite to have visited so far - not crowded, nice water, some stuff to do (though less than you’d find at a bigger more crowded destination).

We arrived around 5:00 Saturday, and Jen made tacos for dinner. Then we walked over to check out the beach. Uncle J got these Surfer Dudes toys for each of the kids, and they were a huge hit. They played with them throughout the week, but they were especially fun on that first evening since we were not swimming then. You throw them out into the water, and they surf back to you on the waves. Thanks Uncle J!

Surfer Dudes

The next morning, we hit the beach for real. There was a lot of boogie boarding.

Boogie boarders

And then some time at the pool. And, of course, when at the beach, you've got to play putt-putt.


including some hole-in-ones

Hole in One

Hole in One

Monday we went back to the beach for a lot more boogie boarding.

Molly boogie boarding

Boogie boarding

Boogie boarding

and an obstacle course.

Obstacle course

We were told that the only slush cart walking down the beach we should visit was Sunset Slush. We were not disappointed. In fact, we bought it from the cart a couple of days, and also from their store down the street (which had many more flavors to choose from).

Sunset Slush

The beach had a lot of shells, which the kids collected and made into necklaces.

Making shell necklaces

Shell necklaces

The kids played Spoons.


We went down to the pier to watch the sun set.

Sunset at the pier

Sunset at the pier

And get some family pictures.

All of us

The four of us

We played a lot of Speed at the beach. This game was a close one.


By Tuesday, the we were becoming expert boogie boarders.

Boogie boarding

Even Aunt ‘Chelle got on a boogie board at one point.

Boogie boarding

Can you tell Molly likes to boogie board?

Boogie boarding

Any trip to the beach needs some sand castle making.

Sand castle

Sand castle

We had a tennis court right next to our condo, which I took full advantage of. Some days I just hit serves by myself, but one day Jeremy and Bob joined me on the court.


Jeremy tennis

Chad tennis

Grampa tennis

This puzzle took a lot of our time. We weren’t sure we’d get it done before Aunt ‘Chelle and Uncle J had to leave, but we got it done.


Aunt ‘Chelle and her family were leaving Wednesday afternoon, but the kids made sure to get one more good beach session before they left. While Molly and cousins loved playing on the beach and in the ocean, Leah spent some of her time reading on the beach just like her mother (Jen never got in the water at all).

Her mother's child

Thursday, Leah got out on the court with me as well. This picture was taken from the balcony of our condo, which shows how close the courts were.

More tennis

Leah tennis

Leah tennis

We also played a bunch of Ticket to Ride at the beach.

Ticket to Ride

Friday night, we drove down to Calabash for dinner and more putt-putt.

More putt-putt

After putt-putt, we had some delicious treats at the Calabash Creamery.

Calabash Creamery

And then Saturday we drove home. It was a great beach week!

Ocean Isle Beach condo

Ocean Isle Beach condo

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