Mother’s Day

We had a busy Mother’s Day back in May. First, a morning full of church. Molly and Leah both sang with their choirs.

Sadly, Jen didn’t actually get to see them as she was teaching Sunday School. At least there was video for her to see later.

We then met up with Grams, Aunt Caroline, and Uncle Charles at Uncle Julio’s restaurant to celebrate. Sadly, they lost our reservation, but they did their best to get us a table as soon as they could. Sorry, no pictures from lunch.

After lunch, we headed home and opened presents with Jen, the all-star mom in our house (this necklace Leah made has #BestMomEver written on it).

All-star Mom

Jen’s excited about this big gift from the girls…

Mother's Day presents

It was a paper trimmer. No wonder she was so excited. Looks like she also like this bracelet.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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