Franklin Institute

In 5th grade, Molly went on a field trip to Philadelphia to the Franklin Institute. She liked it so much, she wanted to go back with us (mainly with Leah). So, we took advantage of a day off of school and drove up.

Franklin Institute

We enjoyed lots of the exhibits. Sir Isaac’s Loft was my favorite spot (lots of fun physics games), but I didn’t get any pictures of it. I did get a couple pictures in the SportsZone, though. Molly and Leah raced their bikes with some arm pedaling.

Arm pedaling race

The girls raced one another (yes, Leah’s faster).

Speedy little sister

The Franklin Air Show is also lots of fun. The girls climbed aboard this old Air Force plane there.

Air flight

Molly was excited about the virtual reality experience (she’s currently swimming by a whale). It was her favorite part of her trip with her school, and she really wanted to do it again.

Virtual reality

We also saw a planetarium show (probably Leah’s favorite part) and saw lots of other exhibits.

It’s a fun science museum. I’d recommend it if your in Philadelphia or not to far away like us.

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