My Manidokan Life!!

I had a great year at Camp Manidokan. It was my third year and my best year yet!


Sunday was the day that I arrived at Camp Manidokan! I had left at around 1:00, and gotten there around 2:00. We stood in line for about an hour until 3:00 when they moved us inside for check in. After check in, I went to my lodge. Getting set up was harder than my past two years because my sister Leah was going to Manidokan this year for the first time (She wrote a blog about Manidokan also). After I was set up, I put on my bathing suit but waited to see if I would do the swim test or not. This is because it was thundering at the time. Unfortunately, I never did the swim test that day, because the pool closed due to all the thunder. So when we found out there would be no swim test, my parents left. And when the time came, I went to dinner. After dinner, I went to campfire hill, where there was a campfire, we sang songs, people from the past and future came to visit out of a time machine, all the normal stuff. After our campfire hill adventure, we had chapel. Then my 5-6 group went back to our lodge, had an evening snack, and took a shower. Then my day ended.



Monday was my first full day of camp! I went rafting on Monday, and it was the best rafting trip I’ve every done. Here is a picture before we got on the water.

Molly rafting

Rafting was very fun, one reason is because when I had gone rafting my past times, I only got out of the raft to swim in the water once (not counting after lunch). Only this year I got to do it twice!! When we got back, we had a bit of time, but then we did the swim test. I passed, and then I had pool time. After pool time was store time. Then I went back up to the lodge after store time, and stayed there until dinner. After dinner, we did an activity called Save the Time Machine. This was when we went to different stations to get items so we could fix the time machine. We had to find these items because the time machine broke. When the people came out of the time machine, they tried to go back to their times, but they couldn't. They just came out the other side back to camp. So they were trapped at Manidokan!! After the activity, we had chapel (we as in the people at camp), and then everyone went to where they were sleeping. Then my day ended.


Tuesday was the day I did the Sawmill Creek Hike! The Sawmill Creek hike is a hike to a water hole, where the campers that go there can swim in the (cold) water, jump off the rock/ledge into a deep part of the water, or relax on shore. I swam in the water, but there was no jumping for me! After the hike back to Manidokan, we had lunch. And after lunch we had pool games, but it was cut short by a sudden downpoor (It started after the 5-6’s got to shelter though). So instead of pool games, we played Mafia.

This is how you play Mafia: You need 7 or more players, of which one will be the moderator. The moderator puts everyone to sleep (in the game) and chooses a mafia, a nurse, and a detective. Then the Mafia wakes up and chooses someone to kill. Then the Mafia goes to sleep and the nurse wakes up, choosing someone to save. Then the nurse goes to sleep and the detective wakes up, choosing someone to suspect. Then everyone wakes up, and the moderator reveals the dead person and the suspected person, who are both now out of the game. This goes on and on for a while normally, but after two rounds of saving, killing, and suspecting, players can accuse players of being the Mafia. Then the living players have a vote, if the accusing player is right, the game is over, if they are wrong, they are out. If after a while, the Mafia is not caught, then the living will go into trial, and will vote on who the Mafia is. If they are right, the game is over, if they are not the game continues, but the person with the most votes is out. I do not know how the Mafia could win, because when I play, they are always caught before they can win.

After many games of Mafia, we had our normal pool time, and then store, and then some free time before dinner. Then we had dinner, and after dinner we played outdoor games and soaked our shirts for tie-dye the next day. After our soaking (shirts for tie-dye and ourselves) and games, we had chapel. After chapel we had our evening snack. Then my day ended.


Wednesday was my zip-line and climbing wall day! I started off with a great day. I did the zip-line, and it was awesome!!!! Here is a video of me on the zip-line (beware, I say weird things).

After the zip-line I had lunch. Then I did the climbing wall. Here is a picture from the climbing wall.

Climbing wall

After the climbing wall we had pool time, and then store time. After dinner my group tid-dyed shirts. For our evening activity that night, we did mission night. Mission night was when we talked about the fund that Manidokan was donating money to to help Puerto Rico after the hurricane Maria went through. This Fund was UMCOR, here is a link to the video that we saw about UMCOR. We had stations that were all related to something that would have happened during the flood. Here were the stations: salsa dancing, wants and need (for your home), house building (to withstand the hurricane), how to get to safety (during the hurricane), and what can you afford (because in Puerto Rico they are sort of poor). After mission night we had chapel.

After chapel we went back to the lodge to get ready for roasting marshmallows at campfire hill, and playing Fortress. Fortress is a game played on a hill (at Manidokan) where the players (kids) have to get a glowing bottle without getting bammed. Getting bammed is when people (the counselors and staff) have flash lights and if they say bam and shine the flashlight on you, then you have to go the start (the bottom of the hill). After we did all that stuff, we went back to the lodge and had a sleep over in the main room. We watched Lilo and Stitch, and only a few people (including me) were awake at the end of the movie. Then my day ended.


Thursday I went to Harpers Ferry! It was fun, and I got to go near the water this year! Here is a picture of when I was by the water.

Middle schooler

The walk there felt surprisingly short, and the walk back to the van felt a bit longer, due to the tired legs of my peers and myself. When I was there I bought Ice cream, a Girls Grab Bag, and Original Jelly Beans from a historical candy shop. Here is me with the food I brought back.

Harper's Ferry goodies

When we got back, we had a bit of time before we went to the pool. Then we had store time. And then we had dinner. After dinner we had the talent show. I did not preform though. After the talent show, we had chapel.

During Chapel, we did communion!!! Then we were “baptized” with water balloons, in which me and mostly some 3-4 and some 5-6 girls ran together behind the dining hall, away from the water balloons so no wetness was bestowed upon us. After chapel, I asked if I could have more communion, and Pastor Mike said, “Help yourself.” So I did. I ate one whole half of a piece of bread (which was probably a hot dog bun) mostly dipped in Grape Juice. Then my day ended.


Friday was my last day of Manidokan for the week. I woke up and had breakfast, and then 5-6 had a cleaning competition. We had about 10-20 minutes to get our room as clean as possible, and then the judges revealed the best rooms. The winners were, for boys, the boys (there was only one room of boys), and for the girls, drum roll please, my room!!!!!! The prize was first in line for snack, which was great for me, because I normally get out of the pool 5-10 minutes early to get first in line for snack, but then I didn't have to wait! For my morning activity, I went to the compound and did a slip-n-slide/human bowling with the 3-4’s (Including Leah!!). Then I played 9 square (and put on clothes instead of a bathing suit). Here is a link to a video that explains how to play 9 square. We stayed in the compound until lunch. After lunch we went back to the lodge and packed all our stuff. Then we had microwave s’mores (I had a peanut butter cup one [a peanut butter cup instead of chocolate]) and watched Lilo and Stitch again, because mostly all the 5-6’s didn’t see the whole movie. Then some (bareley any) 5-6’s went to the pool. And then we had store, which I got first in line for because I won the cleaning competition. Then we stayed at the compound (playing 9 square) until dinner. After dinner, all the parents came, we sang a few songs, got our trunks, and left. Here is a picture of a few girls before we left.

5-6 friends

I Loved Manidokan this year. It was my best year so far. I hope you enjoyed my blog. Good Bye!! :)

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