Molly’s actual birthday

The past few months have been very busy, and I’ve failed to post anything to our blog. So, now I’m going to catch up. Over the next couple weeks I’ll catch you guys up on everything we’ve had going on with hopefully a couple of posts per day. So, let’s pretend it’s April, and pick up from Molly’s birthday party.

Molly’s actual birthday was the week after her party, and she was very excited to be 11 (and to receive a bunch of awesome presents).

Actual birthday

Molly’s gotten very into drawing, and was happy to get a sketchbook and some nice colored pencils.


After her Harry Potter party, these Harry Potter earrings were a hit.

Harry Potter Earrings

Leah got Heelys for her birthday back in September, and Molly’s wanted some ever since. Thanks to G’Mom and Grampa, she’s now got some too.


After presents, we went out for lunch to Eggspectation. She was excited about this delicious birthday dessert.

Birthday lunch

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