Bumble Bee

Leah again participated in the Bumble Bee spelling bee at school. Again, it was intense. Dozens of second graders spelling words out loud in front of a large crowd of adults. One mistake and you’re eliminated. There’s some serious pressure.

Bumble Bee

Leah was fortunate to randomly end up sitting next to friends (both sides and behind her). They clearly didn’t let the pressure get to them as they waited for the start.


Approaching the microphone

Leah made it through her first 3 words, but got unlucky on the fourth word and was eliminated earlier than she expected. I must say I was so proud of how she handled it. Many of the kids ended up in tears (understandably), but Leah handled disappointment with strength. She was even comforting others who didn’t handle it as well and congratulating those who succeeded.

Out, but cool

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