Sailing the Black Pearl

Our first big excursion in Aruba was a sailboat cruise. We did this in the Bahamas and it was great, so we found one that sounded similar in Aruba. This time we chose to try a sunset cruise instead of one in the day time. There were lots of sailing excursions in Aruba, but most were party boats. We looked for something more calm and relaxing, and found the Black Pearl.

Black Pearl

Yes, it looks a bit like a pirate ship, but note the blue cushioned lounge seats. This was sailing in comfort.

We stopped twice to snorkel on our sailing adventure. Jen enjoyed it for a bit…





Sadly, Jen’s enjoyment didn’t last. She had taken a Dramamine before the trip, but she still got seasick while snorkeling. Our hosts kindly gave her a couple Bonine to help. Then, at our second stop, we skipped out on some of the snorkeling and swam over to a beach in front of a giant expensive house to sit on solid ground for a while. It was very helpful, and was a beautiful spot to sit as well.

Solid ground

Sun getting low

The stop helped Jen a lot. As did the food when we got back on the boat. They gave us cheese sandwiches, and then grilled cheese sandwiches as well. These were made with Dutch Gouda (widely found throughout Aruba due to their relationship with The Netherlands), and were quite yummy. After the rest and food, it wasn’t long before Jen was smiling again.

We're on a boat

The ride back afforded lots of beautiful views of the sunset.

Sunset approaches



Aruba sunset

And one more pic after we were back on dry land.


The cruise was excellent. We didn’t go as far away as our Bahamian cruise (our Aruban cruise just went up the coast a bit), but it was still fun. Even Jen said she enjoyed it, despite her seasickness. I’d highly recommend sailing on the Black Pearl if you’re going to be in Aruba. And they even make a video of the experience!

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