Jen’s family went to Callaway for 10 years when she was a kid where they met up with several other families each year. Four of these families went back this summer, reuniting after a couple of decades. We got to hang out throughout the week and enjoy activities together.

When visiting her mom recently, Jen found a picture from 1987 with the kids that went to Callaway Gardens every summer. Top row: Michael, Jen, Jen (Batson, now Sellers). Middle row: Kristen, Danika, Michelle (Batson, now Long). Bottom row: Andrew, Jessica, Andrew, Jonathan.

Callaway Kids 1987

And here’s another old Callaway picture we found in Jen’s collection (and seemingly taken by Jen). Possibly taken in 1992. This picture includes adults missing from the kid picture - Susan and Bob, Monty and Mara, and Howard and Chris. This was also one of the years that Jen’s Uncle Rick, Aunt Roxanne, and cousins Will and Sadie joined in the fun.

Old Callaway pic

And now here’s many of those folks all grown up, plus their spouses.


And finally, the kids of those kids - the next generation of Callaway kids.

Reunion kids

We hung out together at lots of activities throughout the week, but I’ll highlight one of them here. The pictures above were taken on the 4th of July, shortly before heading to the lake for evening festivities. The reunion families all found a spot together to watch the 4th of July Fireworks. Callaway was packed for the fireworks, but they roped off a section for those of us there for the SFA program, which was great.

Ready for fireworks

Jen brought lots of glow bracelets for all, which were of course a big hit.


The fireworks show was excellent.


Watching fireworks

Happy 4th of July!

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