Small Group Field Day

After several years off, our small group from church restarted the tradition of holding Field Day. While the events previously involved only adults, now many of us have kids old enough to join in the fun.

Small Group Field Day

Tom did an excellent job at adjusting the games such that adults and kids could all have fun together.


The three-legged race can make it tough to keep your balance.

Don't fall

Jen and I moved so quickly we were a blur for the camera.


The egg spoon relay returned to competition.

Egg spoon relay

Make sure to take breaks and stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated

Having fun

Molly jumped so fast in the sack race that her hat flew off her head.

Sack race

Nice air, Leah.

Nice air

There was a hula hoop chain.

Hula hoop chain

It’s the kids from BF2K7 (well, the three quarters that do not live in Texas, making it difficult to attend Field Day). They’ve grown a bit in the past 10 years.

BF2K7 returns

Dunk the sponge, pass it down, fill the bucket with water. Squeeze well to make sure you get every last drop out of the sponge.

Fill the bucket


Jen got a selfie with the official professional photographer.


Look out, some drops are getting away.

Bucket brigade

Here we all (minus the photographer) are as we transitioned from outdoors to indoors for the indoor games.


Tricycles again made an appearance for dizzy-bat tricycle. Observant readers may recognize the tricycle Leah is sitting on. Two of them were originally purchased for Field Day in 2009. When the day was over, we ended up hanging on to one since we had a toddler, and it became Molly’s tricycle. Then, it became Leah’s tricycle. Then, we handed it down/back to Tom (the original purchaser of the tricycle) since he then had a kid who could use it. And now it’s back at Field Day.


Field Day finished with a giant balloon war.

Balloon war

Thanks to the International Field Day Committee for putting on this awesome event. We hope that it can continue for many years to come.

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