Molly’s 10th birthday party

Molly had a slumber party for her 10th birthday, and she decorated for it herself. Here’s a tour of the event as the party gets started.

When the girls arrived, they got to decorate a pillow case with fabric markers (Jen had made the pillow cases ahead of time for them to use).

Birthday crafting

Jen played Spoons with the girls while I ran to Ledo Pizza to pick up dinner. Everyone had pizza for dinner (well, 2 of the girls didn’t like pizza so they chose to have cereal instead). Then we opened presents.

Opening presents

Opening presents

The girls played a version of Spin the Bottle with nail polish. Each round, they each spun the spinner and then painted one of their nails with the color it landed on. They all ended up with a rainbow of colors on each hand.

Spin the bottle

Nail polish

Next we did cupcakes, which was both a craft and a treat. Jen baked a bunch of mini cupcakes, made some icing, and put a bunch of toppings on the table. The girls then got to decorate 4 mini cupcakes each. It was tough holding them back from eating them until we sang to Molly.

The final activity of the night was to watch a movie (Trolls).

Movie night

The girls didn’t exactly go to sleep right away, and there was some trouble when some were trying to go to sleep while others were trying to prevent that, but they at least all got to sleep around 11:00.

The next morning we had Krispy Kreme donuts for them. They were from the grocery store and convenience store, sadly, as we have no Krispy Kreme near us any more. They were still delicious. Then two of the girls went home, while the other two and Molly all went to karate together.

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