Thanksgiving day

For Thanksgiving day, we were joined by lots more family. It was a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal, since a more traditional meal was already planned for Saturday.


Other half of the table

After leaving the cold of Maryland, we really enjoyed temperatures in the 60s in Alabama. The girls had a bunch of fun on Uncle J’s truck.

Outdoor play

Who needs fancy toys when you’ve got a bunch of rocks.


JJ loved playing in the rocks as well.

More rocks

JJ’s still in the rocks, but Leah’s stealing the picture showing off her dance moves.

Leah photobomb

Emmie was rocking out to the music. An empty cream soda bottle makes a great microphone.


Sisters, best friends, by a lake.


It was too dry to make an outdoor fire, but that didn’t stop us from making s’mores.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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