Sadly, our church did not hold a Trunk-or-Treat this year. So, we crashed on at a different church (CrossRoads Church of The Nazarene). It was packed, and there was a huge line to do the donut-on-a-string, but that didn’t stop us from doing it.



They finished their donuts just in time to watch the dance contest. Then it was time for the costume contest, which the girls had been waiting anxiously for all night. Sadly, there was no family costume category. But there were age/gender categories. The girls competed in the elementary girls category. Here’s Molly parading in front of the judges.

Costume contest

I told the girls to show off in front of the judges to catch their attention. Leah decided to show off her skills with her staff, twirling it around as she walked.

Weapon skills

While the judges were deliberating, Molly showed off her sweet dance moves on stage.

Dance party

The event had lots of people, and the elementary girls category had the most kids of them all. I’d guess there were 50 kids up on the stage. Sadly, neither of our girls won the contest (though in my completely unbiased opinion they clearly should have).

Then we headed outside for the Trunk-or-Treat. This was a very snazzy version, where all the cars were not just decorated. They had games you had to play to win the candy. Unfortunately, these games took time, and the crowd was huge. So, every car had long lines to play the games. After 4 or 5 times waiting 10 minutes in the cold to get a piece of candy, we were all ready to be done. So, we went inside, drank some hot cider to warm up, then headed home.

Thanks for having us, CrossRoads.

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