Star Wars Halloween costumes

I’m a huge Star Wars geek, so I was thrilled when the girls decided we should all be Star Wars characters for Halloween. Here’s Leah as Rey, Molly as Leia, Jen as Jyn Erso, and me as Obi-Wan. Jen of course sewed the girls costumes and created their hairstyles. I grew out a beard for the first time in my life, then colored it and my hair white/grey. I also made Leah’s staff (bought a banister spindle from Home Depot, went to town on it with a router, then spray painted it with metallic bronze paint.).

For this picture, I told them to “not smile” so we could have a serious picture. Leah, Jen, and I all knew what that meant. Molly - not so much. At least she’s not smiling.

Star Wars family

Here’s good look at the girls’ hair styles that Jen worked so hard on.

Back to back

And, of course, we took a lot of pictures. Here are some of my favorites.

Star Wars costumes

Star Wars costumes

Star Wars costumes

Silly one

Sillier one

Much more to come about all the Halloween fun we engaged in while wearing these costumes.

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