Happy 7th birthday Leah

Back in September, Leah turned 7. G’Mom and Grampa flew into town to celebrate with Leah. And celebrate we did.

Leah’s birthday celebrations began on her actual birthday (and continued for a bit over a week). As soon as she got home from school, she was ready to open some presents with our immediate family and G’Mom and Grampa.

Birthday presents

Our girls (and most of the others that we know) continue to be obsessed with Shopkins.


Shopkins Kinstructions combine the fun of Shopkins with the interlocking blocks of Lego (though they are made by the Shopkins folks, not the Lego folks). Leah was shocked to get them.

Shopkins Kinstructions

Leah’s big gift of the year was Lea Clark, this year’s American Girl Girl of the Year. She hasn’t stopped playing with her since getting her.

Here she is with Leah post-opening.

Lea Clark

And a Palace Pet too!

Palace Pet

After dinner, we had some delicious cupcakes.

Birthday cupcake

Birthday candles

That was it for her actual birthday, but the celebrations were far from over.

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