Halloween with family

We got together with my side of the family the day before Halloween for a little preliminary fun. Here we all are.

Halloween family

Charlie, Aunt EA, and Uncle Scott were gnomes. I wonder if they could get me a good deal on a flight or hotel.


Little gnome

Charlie put on his Darth Vader outfit to add some dark side to our Star Wars party.

Joined by the dark side

Leah also showed off some fierce moves for the camera with her staff. And Molly may have photobombed her at one point.

Staff attack

Leia photobomb


Charlie tried on one more outfit in addition to the costumes - this new fun dino romper. Aunt EA asked Jen to make a few winter rompers for Charlie. Jen, of course, was happy to oblige!

Modeling his romper

Jen doesn’t sew for little boys often, so she had fun trying a new dino appliqué.

Fun dino

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