First day of school

Last week brought with it the start of school. Here Molly and Leah are, ready for their first day.

First day of school

Leah’s very excited about her first day of first grade.

First day of first grade

Hard to believe Molly’s a fourth grader now. After school, she made sure to tell us she only had two years before she was in middle school.

Fourth grader

Jen asked the girls what they wanted her to make them for the first day of school, and they immediately said they wanted hi-low skirts. They each picked out the fabric for their skirt.

Hi-low skirt

And here’s Molly’s hi-low skirt that Jen made. Molly’s ready to do some modeling with her fancy pose here (no coaching added, this was just how she chose to stand).

Molly's skirt

Our usual neighborhood kids picture on the walk to school.

Neighborhood kids

The Wildcat was waiting at school to greet the kids.

Wildcat greeter

Both girls had a great first day (and first week). We’re looking forward to a great year.

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