First time tubing

Our first morning at the lake house, we woke up ready for some water sport fun. The girls were excited to try out tubing for the first time, but they had a little time to kill while we got everything together to head out on the ski boat. So, they borrowed Emmie and JJ’s fishing rods to try it for a couple of minutes.



Soon afterward, we headed out in the boat for some tubing. Since our girls had never seen tubing before, JJ and Aunt ‘Chelle showed them how it’s done.


After watching JJ, Molly was ready to go. She elected to go with Aunt ‘Chelle as well to learn from her tubing experience.

Molly tubing

I went with Leah for her first time tubing. She loved it. She kept telling Uncle J to go faster. I eventually had to tell her the boat wasn’t going to go any faster.

Leah tubing

Emmie has tubed before, but is still trepidatious about it. She went anyway, and stayed on longer than she normally does. She said she was just doing it for her cousins :)

Emmie tubing

Molly loved tubing, and was excited to get a second turn by herself once Emmie was done. She smiled the whole way.





This is awesome

Grampa even got on the tube. Leah showed him how to do it.

With Grampa

Leah and Grampa had to hold on tight.

Rough ride

Crash down

Tubing is fun!

Tubing is fun!

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