Manidokan Fun!

Hi, it's Molly.

Camp drop off

I had a great time at camp. My parents dropped me off on Sunday, August 7, 2016. I had a fun time after that. On Monday, I went to the Flying Squirrel. Here’s a picture of me doing it.

Flying Squirrel

After the Flying Squirrel, I had lunch. Then, I went to the pool. At the pool I jumped off the diving board. Then, I had store time. At the camp store, I bought 2 snacks and a drink. After store time, I had some time in my Lodge. Then, I had dinner. After dinner, I had a camp fire, where we sang songs. Then, I went to bed.

On Tuesday, I went to Harpers Ferry. It was my first time walking from state to state. I walked from Maryland to West Virginia. It was a long walk there. When I was almost there, I saw the results and learned that a man was painting an ad for a company on a mountain. But to pay for the paint stuff, he cheated on his wife, he used his wife’s money! So when he was painting on the mountain, held up by a rope, his wife cut his rope, he fell, and he died. When I was at Harpers Ferry, I went to an ice cream shop and a candy shop. Then, I had a long walk back to camp.

Harpers Ferry hike

On Wednesday, I went on the hard and easy tall climbing walls. I was the first to go on the hard climbing wall. The hard wall was hard because at the top there was an angle (looking from the side, the angle looked like this: / ), and then another angle (from the side, the angle looked like this: \ ). When you got to the top, you rang a bell. For my evening activity, I did Mission Manidokan. That is when we talk about our mission for camp. To learn about it, we made cardboard houses to see what it would be like to live in the house if we were homeless.

On Thursday, I went on a river trip. I rode on the Potomac River in an inflatable raft. I paddled for like an hour or so and then I had lunch. After lunch, I swam in the river. I jumped off of a jumping rock a lot. Then, I got back in my boat . I paddled for thirty minutes to an hour and then I swam in the river again. Then, I got back in my boat and paddled to our destination (where we were going to be picked up). During the time we were getting to our destination, my boat (and the other 2 boats) crew leaders had to get out, and pull the boat since there was a nice breeze that pushed the boat back some.

On Friday, I went on a trail called Sawmill. I swam in a part of a river next to Sawmill. I jumped off a jumping rock, it was 10-12 feet above the water. I jumped off the jumping rock 2 times. I had a lot of fun in the water. Then, I went back to camp. When I got back to camp, I had lunch. After lunch, I packed up my stuff l brought to camp. Then, I watched a movie. The movie was called Tangled. Part way through the movie some kids (like me) went to the pool, the other kids finished the movie. Then, I had store time. Then, Lodge time. Then, I had dinner. After that, my parents came, and we sang some songs to finish off camp.

Camp pick up


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