Swallow Falls State Park

My favorite outing of our stay in Deep Creek was to Swallow Falls State Park. We went for a hike there and got to experience some great natural beauty and fun. First stop - Muddy Creek Falls.

Muddy Creek Falls

We then hiked along the river, stopping to climb around on the rocks occasionally.

Standing on a rock

Here are the four of us at Lower Swallow Falls. The others had just headed back to the cars to get Charlie home for a nap.

Lower Swallow Falls

The last stop on our hike was also the best in my opinion. Tolliver Falls has this serene pool of water at the bottom of the small falls. And the best part was it was mostly empty of other people. We stayed and played here for a long time.

Tolliver Falls

The 3 of us stood at the top of Tolliver Falls as water rushed over our feet.

Top of Tolliver Falls

The girls spent much of the time there excitedly playing with mud.

Making mud

Molly found a good place to sit.

Chilling in the river

If you are in the area and like the outdoors, I highly recommend Swallow Falls. It’s beautiful, and a lot of fun.

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