Lake photos

We spent last week in Deep Creek with my my family. We rented out a lakefront house to spend a relaxing week together.

While there, we had a photoshoot. For Grams’s birthday, we all decided to give her a new family portrait. We were going to hire a professional photographer and then get a framed print, but we realized our best chance for being together was on our lake trip. So, I got the job of photographer instead. Here we all are. What do you think?

Family pic

And here’s Grams with her grandkids.

Grams and her grandkids

I also took some pictures of the smaller family units amongst us.

The four of us

Aunt EA's family

Aunt Caroline and Uncle Charles

We tried a different setup of all of us as well.

All of us, again

I think this last one was the best group shot, though for some reason Grams didn’t want a giant print of it on her wall.

Silly one

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  1. emk says:

    They look great! Love the vivid colors!! Glad you had such a fun time together!

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