Charlie fun

This was the most time we’d ever spent with Charlie. This led to lots of fun (and lots of pictures). There may have been some downsides (oh, you mean babies sometimes wake up in the middle of the night?), but we were happy to spend so much time with him. Here’s a few bits of the fun.

First of all, Charlie is now starting to eat solid food. We got to observe as Charlie had plums for the first time. It was hilarious. Here he is asking Aunt Jen to save him from this fate.

First plums

Then, Charlie got angry about having to eat these plums.

Angry about plums

OK, maybe the plums are alright after all.

Maybe they're OK

Charlie’s favorite activity seems to be walking around. He needs a little help, and the girls were glad to help with that.

Walking around

Walking around

Hi Charlie! And yes, that’s Leah trying to give him bunny ears.

Couch back

Eat the couch

Charlie was even happy after getting up from his nap earlier than he was supposed to.

Happy baby

Babies are fun.


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