Aunt and Uncle fun

The girls had lots of fun with aunts and uncles in Deep Creek. Aunt Caroline and Uncle Charles could only stay for a couple days, but you already saw some hot tub fun with them. Aunt EA and Uncle Scott provided fun all week long.

After the rain on the fourth, the girls wanted to get into the lake when it was clear on the fifth. However, the lake water was freezing cold. Molly opted not to get in except for splashing around in the shallows, but Leah wasn’t scared to jump in.



While Leah could have swam to shore, she convinced Uncle Scott to give her a ride instead.

Ride back

After the cold of the lake, it was time to warm up in the hot tub. Despite avoiding the cold of the lake, I joined in the fun of the hot tub.

Hot tub without rain

Uncle Scott brought awesome water ballons that fill and tie 35 at a time, so it was time for a water balloon fight.

Water balloon fight

After a bit, a new participant joined the fray. The others were waiting to pounce.


Their target was Aunt EA, though she managed to catch this incoming balloon before it hit her in the head.

Their target

The next day, there was even more water fun. Uncle Scott and Aunt EA wanted to rent some jet skis and offered for the girls to ride along. The girls were very excited to try it. Molly rode with Uncle Scott.

Jet ski

And Leah rode with Aunt EA.


A few minutes later, they stopped by the lakehouse to say hello before continuing on their hour-long ride.

Stop to say hello

After they got back, the girls wanted to play in the lake, but it was still freezing cold. They didn’t make it in too far.

Wading in

Our little girls really loved playing with their aunts and uncles. Thanks!

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