Last day of school

Summer has now begun, but here's a little taste of the last day of school from a week and a bit ago.

First, time to go to school. The girls are ready, including wearing their spirit wear.

Last day hug

Last day Leah

Last day Molly

After school, the neighborhood kids are happy summer vacation has arrived. Before heading to an ice cream party at a neighbor’s house, we took our usual picture at the circle.

Circle pic

If you looked carefully at Leah in the pictures before school and after, you may have noticed she looks slightly different. Leah’s had a loose tooth for a while, and I told her she should lose it on her last day of school. She was not a fan of that idea, but it happened anyway. Jen gave Leah an Airhead for a treat with her picnic lunch. While eating it, she said she noticed something hard in her mouth. Thankfully, she didn’t swallow it!

Lost tooth

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