Happy birthdays

May is a month of celebrations around here. In addition to Mother’s Day, we also have birthdays for both Jen and myself. Birthday fun began with celebrating both of our birthdays (1 day early for me, 10 days early for Jen) with my family.

Happy birthday to us

Candles ablaze

Jen requested a Smith Island Cake from SugarBakers (voted “Baltimore’s Best Cake”), with lots of layers of fudge icing and yellow cake, and some peanut butter cups as well. It was delicious.

Smith Island Cake

Molly took the opportunity to hang out with Charlie.

Cousin time

The next day was my actual birthday. And what better way to celebrate than going to a Disney musical. For Christmas, Grammy gave us tickets to take the girls to the Hippodrome in Baltimore to see Beauty and the Beast. This was their first time going to a big fancy theater to see a play, and they loved it.

First fancy play

For dinner, I got to choose whatever restaurant I wanted for my birthday dinner. I decided to go fancy and head to BGR (wearing the new hat Leah gave me for my birthday).

Birthday dinner

And then nine days later, it was finally Jen’s birthday. Jen’s very excited about massive amounts of thread we gave her.

Happy birthday Jen

Happy birthday to us!

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