Shopkins attire

We have a love for Shopkins in our house. So, when G’Mom lovingly bought the girls (or, really Jen!) Shopkins fabric, the girls were ecstatic. Molly immediately requested jammie pants, while Leah wanted a new hoodie tunic.

Shopkins sewing

Molly was so excited about wearing her Shopkins jammies that she got her jammies on hours before bedtime just to hang out in them.

Smile for Shopkins

Leah was so excited to wear her new tunic to school to show her friends.

Stand strong for Shopkins

A girl in a Shopkins tunic, with her favorite Shopkin.

Girl and Shopkin

An older girl in Shopkins pajamas, with her favorite Shopkin.

Older girl and Shopkin

Two girls, Shopkins attire, and Shopkins.

Sisters and their Shopkins

Silly sisters.

Silly sisters

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