Easter family photos

After Easter morning, we headed back to Grams’s house for some family time. While there, I was asked to take some family portraits, and I was of course happy to oblige.

Charlie was of course a focal point of the pictures.

Charlie's Family Portrait

Mother and son

He even took a picture with his cousins.

Portrait with their littlest cousin

And we got a portrait of everyone who was there (we miss you, Caroline and Charles).

Sellers family picture

You may have noticed Molly and Jen’s dresses and thought you hadn’t seen them before. That’s because Jen just made them.

Jen found this fabric at her local sewing shop last year and had the perfect dress in mind for Molly. Jen previously made herself a dress in a matching style, so Molly has now requested to wear hers at the same to match her mom!

Molly's new dress

Jen chose not to wear her dress that matches Molly, and instead made herself a new dress for Easter. This was created by taking inspiration from a dress that was sold at Target last year.

Jen's Easter dress

The rest of the afternoon was filled with family time. I didn’t take many pictures, but I did get one. I think Grams found Charlie’s ticklish spot.

The spot

Happy Easter!

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