Easter Egg-stravaganza

As in previous years, our church held an Easter Egg-stravaganza. It was scheduled for the same day as Molly’s party, so we were going to miss it. Fortunately for us, they postponed the fun due to weather to the day before Easter, which meant we could go.

We arrived and walked in with Leah’s twin friend, then the girls headed straight for the face painting station.

Face painting

Molly got a butterfly on her cheek, and Leah opted for a bunny.

Painted faces

Leah’s friend’s parents also introduced us to a friend of theirs from Slidell (just like Jen and me). Turns out she lived one cul-de-sac away from me when I was in junior high and high school. Small world.

After face painting, we headed to the cupcake decorating station. Molly’s decoration style is quick and messy, while Leah takes a careful approach.

Cupcake decorating

I managed to get a picture of their cupcakes before they ate them. Note that Leah carefully placed sprinkles around the edge, while Molly just dumped them on top.

Finished product

As always, the egg hunt was a highlight. I went with Molly up on the hill with the big kids while Jen stayed with Leah and the kindergartners. When they blew the whistle, all the big kids rushed to the same area. Molly quickly realized there was an empty area off to the left, which earned her a few seconds searching by herself until they all noticed her treasure trove and joined her.

Egg hunt

Me, Molly, and a basket full of eggs ready to be opened.

Me and Molly

Both Molly and Leah ended up with full baskets of fun-filled eggs.

Girls and eggs

Lots of fun. We were glad we got to attend after all.

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