A different kind of party

This year, Molly decided to have a different sort of party for her birthday. She chose to invite 4 of her closest friends to go to the movies to watch Zootopia. Here they are all lined up in the theater before the movie started.

A different party

After the movie, we walked over to the mall for some birthday frozen yogurt (instead of a cake) from Tutti Frutti.


Happy 9th birthday to Molly!

A delicious treat for a happy birthday girl.

Happy birthday girl

And here’s a photobomb by Sarah’s fist. Molly has no idea (no punches were actually punched).

Incoming punch

The party was lots of fun, and we’d definitely do a smaller affair like this again. Rather than having lots of people that subdivide into subgroups, you have just a single group of close friends with no need to split up. Most importantly, Molly and her guests had a great time.

Happy birthday Molly!

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